From Monday 1 August until Saturday 6 August 2022 the fourth edition of the Symposium took place as part of the “Predaia Art and Nature” project, born from the strong experience of the past 17 editions of the sculpture competition “Wood comes back to life” .

The town of Coredo, once again transformed into a wood workshop, hosted 6 international sculptors selected on the basis of a preventive project from over 50 applications received.

The artists had the wonderful opportunity to carve the trunks at the suggestive shores of Lake Coredo.

The theme of this third edition was ““Shapes and colors: Nature, master of mixing”

Among as many as 50 artists for the wood carving section the following sculptors tried their hand and gave free rein to their art:



Foto artista

József Lukács

Marco Busarello

Marco Pangrazio

Marta Fresneda Gutiérrez

Pavel Špelda

Rudolf Rößl