"Hephaestus in the garden of God Pan"

The theme of the fifth edition of the Predaia Arte e Natura project is inspired by the encounter of elements of different nature. Often the mixture of different worlds (not just materials) can give life to unexpected works.

PAN, was the divinity linked to the forests and nature. HEPHESTUS was instead the divinity of fire, forges, engineering, sculpture and metallurgy.

With this theme, through the symbolic reference to Greek mythology, we want to enhance proposals that highlight the coexistence, through the material use or even just conceptual, of the natural world and that linked to metallurgy and fire.

So space for the imagination!


the project


In order to promote knowledge of the territory and local traditions, the creation of an awareness of environmental realities and possibilities, as well as the development of creativity, innovation and sustainable development, the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Predaia promotes the cultural project “Predaia Arte e Natura”.

The ambitious project will embrace all artistic forms, for achieving the aforementioned purposes, while respecting the precious natural resource and, at the same time, guaranteeing conditions of equal opportunity for access and participation in activities, without social, cultural and physical discrimination.

The current efforts for the environment made by the international community demonstrate that the limits of the planet are a reality. The concept of sustainable development, extended not only to the environmental dimension but also to the social one, has founded its foundations on respect for the future, both for the planet and for the next generations.

The Project aims to pursue the objectives set by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, a global action plan for people, the planet and prosperity.

The cultural and artistic project is divided into multiple sub-projects, all linked by a single theme, different but complementary for each edition:


    Competition for the re-enactment of the tradition of wood, it is organized by the “Amministrazione Usi Civici” of Coredo, a fundamental player in the management of the territory, in agreement with the Municipality, it is proposed and carried out during the first week of August of each year;

  • LITERARY COMPETITION, the art in writing:
    literary prize for short stories in Italian, edited by the Cultural Activities office and the Library of Predaia, provides for free participation, open to all people of any age, resident or domiciled in the Triveneto area: Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto , Friuli Venezia Giulia.
    The first classified story will then be transposed in the form of a comic illustration, a more captivating and usable way even for children, printed in a real booklet.

  • PERSONAL ART EXHIBITIONS, nature and art on display:
    during the months of July and August, exhibitions relating to the theme of the edition will be offered at the prestigious historic home “Casa da Marta” and at the premises specially created in the former Town Hall of Coredo. Short temporary exhibitions by important local artists will then be set up throughout the year. As usual, the artistic-cultural project will end with the exhibition set up on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.
  • Informative cultural evenings:
    as a corollary to the initiatives, some informative cultural evenings are proposed relating to the theme of the edition, also and above all in order to pursue the objectives set by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, a global action plan for people, the Planet and prosperity.

Artists, experts, speakers and enthusiasts, with the “Predaia Arte e Natura” project, will try to enrich the public with their skill but also with history, curiosity and particularities about the nature that surrounds us, raising awareness on the important issues of health, well-being , education, gender equality, economic growth, reduction of inequalities, etc.



info and contacts


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