From Sunday 6 August until Friday 11 August 2023 the fifth edition of the Symposium will take place as part of the “Predaia Art and Nature” project, born from the strong experience of the past 17 editions of the sculpture competition “Il Legno riprende vita” .

The town of Coredo, once again transformed into a wood workshop, will host 7 international sculptors selected on the basis of a preventive project from over 50 applications received.

One of the artists, on the other hand, has the difficult task of creating a work of “Colomela art”, a composition of “land art” created by reusing the “colomele” and “shingles” resulting from the traditional competition of skill “Festa della Colomela”.

The artists wil have the wonderful opportunity to carve the trunks at the suggestive shores of Lake Coredo.

The theme of this fifth edition is “Hephaestus in the Garden of God Pan”

The theme is inspired by the encounter of elements of different nature. Often the mixture of different worlds (not just materials) can give life to unexpected works.

PAN, was the divinity linked to the forests and nature. HEPHESTUS was instead the divinity of fire, forges, engineering, sculpture and metallurgy.

With this theme, through the symbolic reference to Greek mythology, we want to enhance proposals that highlight the coexistence, through the material use or even just conceptual, of the natural world and that linked to metallurgy and fire.

Among as many as 50 artists for the wood carving section the following sculptors will try their hand and give free rein to their art:

wood sculptures

sculpture section artists

Andrea Caisutti

Andrea Caisutti

Marija Markovic

Paolo Domenichini

Paolo Moro

Tanja Röder

Zhang Yuchuan


COLOMELA ARt section artist

Luca Zanta