From the collaboration between the A.SU.C. di Coredo and the former Municipality of Coredo, the idea of ​​organizing a Sculpture Symposium was born more than twenty years ago. The initial proposal is to bring the sculptors to the center of the town, offering passersby their art and the “rebirth of wood” in what was called “Il legno riprende vita”.

Strengthened by the experience of 17 editions, the organizers, in collaboration with the artistic director Gianni Mascotti, rethink the formula with which the Symposium was organized.

Change the location, this time all the artists perform on the splendid shores of Lake Coredo.

But the destination of the works of art also changes, which, all purchased by the administration, will become public heritage since they will be positioned along an easy artistic-cultural path, open to the public of all ages and physical conditions, starting from the now known “Viale dei Sogni”.

During the first week of August of each year, therefore, the international symposium of sculpture on wood “Predaia Arte e Natura” in Coredo di Predaia starts.

The Coredo hamlet of the Municipality of Predaia, in Val di Non, is transformed into a wood workshop, where 7 international artists can give free rein to their art.

6 artists try their hand at a sculpture on a trunk. A further sculptor, on the other hand, deals with the creation of a work of “Colomela Art”, reusing the “colomele” and “scandole”
resulting from the traditional competition of skill “Festa della Colomela”.

We look forward to seeing you at the next editions!


WOOD returns to nature