During the week from Monday 3 August to Saturday 8 August 2020, the 2020 edition of the Symposium took place magnificently as part of the “Predaia Arte e Natura” project, born from the strong experience of the past 17 editions of the sculpture competition “Wood comes back to life “.

The hamlet of Coredo, once again transformed into a wood workshop, hosted 7 international sculptors selected on the basis of a preventive project from over 60 applications received.

The theme of this second edition was “THE NATURE I WOULD LIKE”

Nature: mother and stepmother.
Strong and fragile at the same time, dependent and independent.
And while man discusses the consequences of his actions and tries to dominate it, Nature acts relentlessly, rebelling against constraints.

“Nature hides its secrets because it is sublime, not because it cheats” (A. Einstein)

From a selection of 50 artists for the wood sculpture section and 12 for the “colomela art” work, the following sculptors have ventured and given free rein to their art:

wood sculpture

sculpture section artists


Daniela Schwarz

Emanuela Camacci

Giovanni Capelletti

Matthias Sieff

Pavel Spelda

Peter Ripka

colomela art

COLOMELA ART section artists

Umberto Rigotti e Tiziano Beber