Country of origin: ITALIA

Lives in: Viole di Assisi PG (ITALIA)


We know the Artist: 

Giulio Valerio Cerbella was born in Perugia in 1980. He graduated in plastic disciplines at the State Art Institute of Perugia.

He qualifies as an “Expert in Restoration of Wooden Artifacts” at the Higher Education Institute Master School 2000 (PG).

He attended an internship in the restoration laboratory “Roberto Saccuman s.n.c.” to P.S. John.

He participated in the restoration of the wooden choir of the Cathedral of Todi (PG), directed by the Master Restorer Sabrina Montosi.

He designed and built the first Land-Art park in central Italy on the shores of Lake Trasimeno.

Two of his works were donated to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Colombian President and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos from the Sacred Convent of the Basilica of Assisi in 2018.

He is a member of the associations “OLYMPUS – European Association of Wood Sculptors and Art Turners” and “AIESM – European Association of Monumental Sculpture”.

Since 2009 he has participated in exhibitions and symposia on the Italian and European territory.

He has presented various personal exhibitions in Perugia, and has participated in group exhibitions in Rome, Udine, Perugia, Arezzo, Milan. He also took part in various symposia in Trento, Padua, Brescia, Belluno, Vicenza, Sondrio, Siena, Messina, Caserta, in France and Denmark.

Realization for the Symposium of Predaia 2019:

The work created by Giulio represents the liberation from the human condition to reach one’s own personal completeness. Thus the artist imagined Minos, a wild half animal and half human, in search of a unique form.

And so, the Bull King in his dream yearns to totally embrace his condition as a free animal, King of himself: no longer tied to any human or physical conditioning.

Through the wings, symbol of divinity and absolute freedom (even by the laws of gravity) but burned (allegory of the impossible dream) Minos stands out his leap now freed from the slavery of human rationality represented by the cube-labyrinth that lies crushed under the feet of he.

Title of the work “The dream of the Minotaur”.