Country of origin: ITALIA

Lives in: Mazzin TN (Italia)


We know the Artist: 

Born in Cavalese on 22 April 1982 and residing in Mazzin (TN) in the Dolomites of the Val di Fassa, he obtained a diploma as a Master of Art, a Wood Sculptor and a degree in Applied Arts.

He specializes at the Art Institute in Pozza di Fassa and the School for aspiring sculptors in Selva di Val Gardena also attending evening courses in plastics and drawing with Prof Tone Da Cudan.

He attended the Vienna University of Applied Arts in the sculpture section, where he graduated with excellent grades.

He participates in numerous artistic competitions and symposia, receiving praise and awards.

His artistic research is based on the study of the female and male body and is characterized by a strong and personal interpretation.

The erect figures often have heads slightly turned upwards, a voluminous chest that is supported by the legs. Often his figures do not present their arms because everything they have to say, the essential, is already present.

Consciously he represents his figures in a static position, so that the monumentality is even more marked. The shapes are simplified and geometrized but always still remain organic.

The works are always chromed with very opaque and bright colors, so that even the external surface takes on its importance, almost as if it were a dress.

Realization for the Symposium of Predaia 2020:

The sculpture created by Matthias has the title “Smiling at nature”

The work presented represents a smiling elf, an inhabitant of Nature.

He observes smiling and confident a rosy natural future, given the ability to safeguard and the serenity that this character is able to transmit to human beings.

Humans who, we must understand, are not the masters of the environment.


Smiling at nature