Country of origin: ITALIA

Lives in: Montegrotto Terme PD (Italia)


We know the Artist: 

Born in Padua in 1973, he lives in Montegrotto Terme. In 1992 he obtained a high school diploma in applied art at the P. Selvatico Institute of Art in Padua. In the 90s he mainly dealt with applied art, experimented with various techniques, mainly pictorial, in different fields: design and construction of scenographic installations, mural works and graphic projects, experiences in the musical world; finally came photography.

In 2006 she graduated in Architecture at the IUAV in Venice, following a study plan oriented to historical-artistic courses, and with a degree thesis on design.

In the last few years you have mainly devoted yourself to the manipulation of digital photography, 3D modeling, and their possible interactions, including with multimedia productions and video projections.

Currently he collaborates with various professional studios, and at the same time carries on artistic research. Current research aims to explore the possible hybridizations between digital and analog techniques.

Graduated in Applied Art and graduated in Architecture, on the more purely visual side of artistic doing he began his activities with traditional techniques, such as drawing, painting, airbrushing, gradually moving to digital techniques. He is currently carrying out some projects for scenic / architectural installations in public areas.

He usually works for distinct series of works, from a design perspective. Each series can have different technical execution methods, one of the constants of the research is the tendency to hybridization.

He has organized many personal exhibitions in Padua and its surroundings, and has participated in various group exhibitions, competitions and fairs in the provinces of Padua, Rovigo, Venice, Savona, Benevento, Bologna, Ferrara, Milan, Rome, Varese, Mestre, Treviso, Brescia, Pescara, Levico Terme, Stenico, Berlin and Oregon.

Realization for the Symposium of Predaia 2019:

The theme of the dream, understood as the oneiric activity of sleep, is dealt with in an allusive way, representing its momentary absence.

Documenting, in tangible reality, the physical trace of the place where it manifested itself.

The installation represents a cushion that has just been left, with a basin in the central part, that is, the imprint that the dreamer, just awakened, has left.

The construction technique defines the form in a somewhat vague way, like the images and situations that arise in dreams. The scale of the pillow, enlarged, places it clearly in the field of reveries.

Title of the work “Suspended dreams”.