Country of origin: ITALIA

Lives in: Fara Gera d’Adda BG (Italia)


We know the Artist:

He was born in 1957 in Fara Gera d’Adda, in the province of Bergamo and showed an interest in art and in particular in sculpture from an early age, a passion that grew and developed with his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bergamo.

Life and work experiences, travels and readings contribute to the maturation of man and artist, confirming sculpture as the expressive language of an existential journey in continuous research and evolution.

He exhibited his sculptures and participated in international symposia in Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Austria, Spain, Albania, Finland, Israel, Turkey, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, China, Egypt, India, Uruguay, Luxembourg.

In 1997 he received the first prize at the “Fukuhara Gakuen” international sculpture symposium in Kitakyushu City in Japan.

“The subjects of his sculptures suggest metamorphic processes, where natural forms and geometric structures interact. His varied and imaginative style is inspired by the observation of nature, the world around and within himself. His work by him expresses with a free poetics, the synthesis between the symbols of the primitive world and modern culture, poised between past and future “. Gino Casiraghi – from the catalog “the face and soul of stone” 2002 Usmate Velate

“The privileged theme of the formal research is that of aesthetic interaction, captured first of all in the relationship that, in each object, relates the individual parts to the whole, and subsequently extends to involve the dialogue between sculpture and space”. Giovanna Brambilla Ranise – from the “Ink” catalog – Chiostro Minore di S. Agostino, Bergamo 1999

Realization for the Symposium of Predaia 2019:

The work created by Giuliano represents the upward development of two forms screwed in an enveloping movement that originates at the base as a vortex, is amplified in the center and gradually reduces towards the top.

Title of the work “Vortex enveloping”.