Country of origin: CANADA

Lives in: Quebeq (Canada)


We know the Artist: 

Graduated in 2006 from Quebec City Craft House, Claire-Alexie Turcot already has several exhibits and shows in Quebec and Toronto.

In 2008, her passion for wood carving led her to develop a preference for working with a chainsaw. Using this tool allows her to participate in various international events including the Camille Claudel Festival in France and the Montagn’art Wood Sculpture Symposium in Switzerland.
In 2009, she co-produced with the sculptor Marie-Claude Drolet, a monumental sculpture in a bicentennial oak weighing more than 5 tons for the town hall of Cognac.

In 2013 she won the first prize of the jury and the children’s prize in Belluno, in 2014 she won the first prize of the jury at a symposium in Livigno. During her last visit to Italy, she won the third place of the jury at the 2017 Lignum festival in Edolo.

She regularly shares her experiences abroad at the Maison des métiers d’art in Quebec through conferences and has also had the opportunity to lecture-animate her work at the Canadian Institute of Quebec and schools in the region. .

Realization for the Symposium of Predaia 2019:

The sculpture made by Claire is the representation of a strange duet, of those that are seen only in dreams … two incredible wild animals that are usually not friends are united here in front of the ruin of the world.

The negative impact of mankind on Nature also compromises their future, and this unusual team has decided to move away from it, even though they do not yet know where to go, still hoping to reach a better place.

Title of the work “The dream of the bear and the vulture”.