Country of origin: SPAGNA

Lives in: Barcellona (Spagna)


We know the Artist: 

Graduated with the specialization in artistic cutting on wood at the ESAD Llotja school in Barcelona, ​​he practices stone sculpture with the sculptor Augustin Rosso.

He participates in the painting exhibition at the Pou de la Figuera Civic Center in 2013, in the painting exhibition at the Art Association and in the Pere Jou exhibition sculpture competition, in Sitges in 2014.

He takes part in an event in Blesta (France) with the experimentation of ceramic kilns.

Participate in the Cotxeres casinet young artists competition in 2014, in 2015 at the Snow Sculpture Symposium at Pas De La Casa in Andorra and at the exhibition Sculpture curators Award of fine arts Sant Jordi de Belpuig, at the oil painting exhibition at the Wine Bar Petit Jet Lag in Barcelona, ​​at the collective sculpture exhibition at the Trinitat Vella Civic Center Via Barcino in Barcelona and at the III Stone Sculpture Symposium “Campa Torres” in Gijón.

In 2016 he took part in the Cotxeres casinet young artists competition, in the Pujol Muntaner vila Torredenbarra exhibition and in the exhibition of the Pere Jou sculpture competition, Sitges.

He participates in the Snow Sculpture Symposium at Pas de la Casa 2017 in Andorra.

He receives the first prize in the Lina Font rapid painting competition in Begues in 2007, the first prize of Pere Jou Sculpture in Sitges in 2017 and the first prize at the Snow Sculpture Symposium at Pas de la Casa in Andorra in 2018.

He takes part in the Cultural Miramar Center individual exhibition in Sitges in 2018.

He receives the honorable mention of sculpture at the San Jordi del Reial Artistic Circle competition in Barcelona.

In 2018 he participates in the collective exhibition Galeria Agora 3 in Sitges.

He has done several private works.

Realization for the Symposium of Predaia 2019:

The sculpture created by Aaron is the representation of a child sitting on a log who, with his gaze turned towards the sky, plays, thinks and dreams.

Title of the work “Innocent Dreams”.


realized work

innocent dreams