Umberto Rigotti e Tiziano Beber

Country of origin: ITALIA

Umberto live in: Pedersano - Villa Lagarina (TN)

Tiziano live in: Roncafort - Trento (TN)

We know the artist: 


He was born in Trento in 1962 and lives in Pedersano-Villa Lagarina, Trento, where he works as an artist, dedicating himself in particular to painting and sculpture, and as an illustrator collaborating with advertising agencies and publishing houses, illustrating fairy tales, poetry books and cultural publications and advertising campaigns .

In addition to the "vein" of communication through images, the artist affirms his creativity and skills in the field of caricaturism, participating together with the Andromeda Art Studio, of which he is a partner, at the Trento Festival of Economics.

He has a hobby of comics: he invents them and designs them, receiving awards in national competitions.

He is an artist who never ceases to research and experiment with new pictorial techniques with attention to detail, reality and fantasy.

He has about ten exhibitions between collective and personal. With "Selvatica" he begins an artistic trend that brings him closer to the world of Land Art, taking part: in the 2011 and 2012 edition of Arte e Malga, in the upper Val di Non, Cortina All'Adige 2017 "Water floods" and BAS Bosco Arte Stenico, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 editions.


He was born in Trento in 1962 and lives in Roncafort, Trento, where he works as an artist.

Always attracted to drawing and painting, he started taking watercolor courses, and later illustration courses. Over the years he has been able to experiment with different techniques and materials.

He started working as a childhood illustrator and as a freelance, collaborating with some publishing houses, including Edizioni Erickson. He collaborates with elementary schools and libraries organizing creative workshops of pop up books and illustration.


Proposal for Symposium of Predaia 2020 - theme "Nature that I would like":

The sculpture created by Tiziano and Umberto is titled "Aviary"

Starting from the words of Baruch Spinoza, the "Land Art" style installation aims to be an unequivocal presence of man and his acting in nature, an imperfect architect with the presumption of caging his and others' lives.

To the point of imploding and freeing those who do not like constraints and dream of a freer, beautiful and harmonious world.

The installation: a cube with a cylinder inside, representing an aviary full of birds that under their pressure manage to uncover the cage by freeing themselves in flight.