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Presentation catalog 2020 !

The second edition of the Sculpture Symposium 2020 edition in the context of "Predaia Arte e Natura" also ended magnificently.

Among the 62 questions were selectedi seven international artists who have interpreted with their project, the theme of this edition:  "Nature that I would like".

These are the artists (link to the dedicated page):

  • Daniela Schwarz (Röhrsdorf - Germany)
  • Emanuela Camacci (Roma - Italy)
  • Giovanni Capelletti (Sergnano CR - Italy)
  • Matthias Sieff (Mazzin TN - Italy)
  • Pavel Spelda (Červený Kostelec - Czech Republic)
  • Peter Ripka (Düsseldorf - Germany)
  • Umberto Rigotti (Villa Lagarina TN - Italy) e Tiziano Beber (Roncafort TN - Italy)


Along the shores of the beautiful lakes of Coredo and Tavon, in the Municipality of Predaia in Valle di Non, there are many paths easily passable by adults, children and the elderly.

Here art and culture meet with nature, forming an enchanting itinerary capable of making visitors dream.

And starting from the town of Coredo, just along the evocative 15-minute walk called "viale dei Sogni", we start the walk "Predaia Arte e Natura" which, over the years, will become increasingly rich in works of art integrated in the uncontaminated wooded nature.

The creations of the best international sculptors participating in the Symposium, under the artistic direction of Gianni Mascotti's studio Marte, are distributed in the woods, along the path, along the lake, enhanced by special Corten steel risers.

Sculptures, works of "colomela art", reuse of forest resources ... and much, much more.

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