Colomela Fest

On the opening day of the Symposium, foreseen as usual on the first Sunday of August, the typical FESTIVAL OF COLOMELA is held to commemorate an ancient trade, that of the construction of the "Colomele" and the "Scandole":

  • Colomele are larch wood poles that were used as a support for the vines, now replaced by concrete poles. They were about 3 meters and could last up to 30 years. Coredo was one of the great producers of colomèle and marketed it mainly in Mezzolombardo and Mezzocorona.
  • Scandole instead are tiles made of larch wood, now replaced with other types of roofing; they had such great importance in the past as to be considered by the Statutes of Trent that fixed the number for each bundle and specified its dimensions

During the event numerous teams of amateur and professional lumberjacks challenge each other to decree who produces the best colomele and shingles and in the shortest time.

The opening of the festive day will see the presentation of the 6 artists participating in the Symposium and the start of the sculpture works.

A further sculptor will also deal with the creation of a "land art" work, reusing the "colomele" and "scandole" resulting from the "Festa della Colomela".

To round out the day of celebration there will be games for adults and children, fun and culinary tastings.

«The colomèle are an example of interchange between forest and agrarian culture: the larch properly cut and transformed into colomèle is brought to the agricultural land, in support of one of the main agricultural products which is the vine. Thus the roofs were made of wood, protected by scandole »

"Life therefore depended, and still depends today, not so clearly, on the integration of forest and agricultural products; an integration that deeply links the soul of the people to their environment and to what it offers, in full respect of nature and the territory »