born of Symposium

From the experience of the 17 past editions of the wood carving competition "Il Legno riprende Vita", the 1st edition of the International "Predaia Arte e Natura" Symposium on wood was born in Coredo di Predaia, under the artistic direction of the Marte studio Gianni Mascotti.

Once again, therefore, the town of Coredo in Val di Non will be transformed into a wood workshop, in which 6 selected sculptors will be able to give free rein to their art. A further sculptor will also take care of the creation of a "land art" work, reusing the "colomele" and "scandole" resulting from the traditional Festival "Festa della Colomela" skill competition scheduled for the opening day of the Symposium.

From this edition, however, everything is revolutionized! Starting from the location, the theme, the regulation, the number of participants, the prize-giving procedure.

The biggest news: the event will no longer be a contest, but a Symposium. Therefore, there will not be a single winner, but each participant will be awarded a fee to purchase the work.

At the end of the Symposium, all the sculptures will be permanently positioned along the suggestive tree-lined path "Viale dei Sogni" from where, over the years, numerous and easy artistic-cultural routes will open, open to the public of all ages and physical conditions.

For the promotion of the event, special advertising material will be prepared as well as a specific catalog describing the event, the artists and their major achievements, showing the public and private supporters of the event.

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